Saturday, September 15, 2012

Author-Illustrator Panels

These responses are summaries.  Not all responses are included.

Social Networking:

Tracy:  If there is something that makes you uncomfortable, don't do it because it will show.

Heather Henson: Ditto.

Dan Yaccarino:  I have a Facebook fan page.  I do interviews for other blogs but I spend most of my time working.  Consult with your editor to make sure it is okay for you to release little bits of material.  How effective is it?

Kristin Tubb:  I can't answer this because I live on Facebook and Twitter.  I think Tracy is correct in saying do what you are comfortable with.  I like Facebook and I like Twitter.

As an unpublished author/illustrator, what can we place on blogs to gain attention?

Heather:  There are a lot of authors who write and your blog gets a lot of followers.  There is a whole different world now of what to do and expect.

Kristin:  My friend Jessica was a blogger and mentioned that she had a horse book and was looking for an agent.  She had a blog and a following, and mentioned that she was looking for an agent.  That's how the Canterwood Crest series came to be.

Dan:  An author/illustrator friend used Facebook to eventually get a book deal.  He tagged editors in each image.  Very cleverly used the format of Facebook to get that book published.

Unusual promotional strategies that work:

Kristin:  I ran a cover reveal contest on my blog.  I had a lot of entries.  The cover was gorgeous and had all sorts of zodiac signs.  I gave away prize packages based on how many zodiac signs readers could find on the cover.  Cynthea did a book drive for a local school and every book that she sold she got another book donated for that school. Those things people feel excited about helping with but people retweet it and facebook it.

Dan:  It's not unusual but I have done a few book trailers.  It isn't unusual but those are usually shared.

What kind of timeline should one think about in terms of promoting a book?

Kristin:  I do postcards to booksellers.  Six months is when it really starts ramping up.

What shouldn't you do in promoting your books?

Heather:  Don't think your book is going to be published and be everywhere.

Tracy:  Don't sell yourself short.  Don't present yourself as needy as desperate.  Present yourself as someone who has something to offer.

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