Sunday, September 16, 2012

Artist Promo Screening with Martha and Martha (Mihalick and Rago that is)

Since the Midsouth started offering this as a breakout 5 years ago, this session has never failed to be helpful. This year was no exception. Each attending illustrator was invited to bring a few promotional mailers for the editor / art director team to evaluate as if they were getting them in their in-box. Both Marthas went carefully through each submission explaining why they would choose to keep a piece on their bulletin board... or what they felt could be stronger about the mailer so that is DOES get a piece of that coveted real estate. Also, while both Mihalick and Rago are at Harper Collins, each has a different departmental process for finding and selecting illustrators for projects. It was immensely helpful to hear the differences between the smaller Greenwillow imprint and the larger Harper Collins art department.

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